Pixel Bender Redux

Yesterday’s Daily Photo at SmugMug was done with Pixel Bender and once again it received a lot of inquiries. The Adobe CS5 plugin is called Pixel Bender-Oil Paint. I’ve referenced it before here. Below is the image SOOC. Many people talk about SOOC when really their image has been processed by various camera algorithms depending on the options they have set. This is a RAW/DNG file shot in Manual mode with only WB set to Auto. Neither Contrast nor Tone has been “bumped” in the camera. Below is the image after Camera Raw (LR3) adjustments (WB, Exposure, Black Point, Contrast) The image just below has been tweaked in CS5 with NIK filters (Tonal Contrast, Viveza, Darken/Lighten Center). It is at the last stage before I applied Pixel Bender. Nik¤Software Complete Collection Software Plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture at B&H Photo And below is the final image after tweaking the Pixel Bender filter. I hope this answered your question. Feel free to write with any further inquiries.

4 thoughts on “Pixel Bender Redux”

  1. Very cool!!! Thanks for the introduction to Pixel Bender a while back, I’ve used it quite a bit since, usually trying to salvage a bad photo, or just to jazz things up a bit…thanks for always being willing to share your knowledge and experience, very much appreciated!!! BTW, love your sense of humor…

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