Kalaloch Lodge, Kalaloch, WA

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Early Autumn on the Washington Coast. The cloud cover that will be here until March is already making it’s presence known. The Lodge wasn’t very busy as the warm weather had gone but the stormy season hadn’t arrived quite yet. But the Lake Quinalt Resort, 20 miles inland, was still bustling as many hikers were still out on the trails of the Olympic National Forest.

If you look about halfway between the left border and the tree, you can just see the flat shape of Destruction Island about 7 miles away. It’s aptly named because of a number of shipwrecks and the notes below.

“Destruction Island was used as an anchorage by Spanish ships in 1775. A crew of seven men was sent to the mainland to procure supplies of wood and water, but was massacred by the local Indians, leading naval lieutenant Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra to name it the Isla de Dolores (the Island of Sorrows). Twelve years later, Captain Charles William Barkley, an independent English fur trader, arrived in the ship Imperial Eagle, and sent a party ashore from the island to a similar fate. He named the river where the second massacre took place the Destruction River. Captain George Vancouver later transferred the name to the Isla de Dolores when the river was given its Indian name, the Hoh River.” — Wikipedia

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