Like old bones reaching for the Autumn sun, this decaying shed seems to lean towards the light. The location is near the ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon. The town has died and been reborn a number of times. Most recently it had been restored as a tourist attraction but now is pretty much boarded up again. It sets on an almost treeless plain along a well traveled byway. But cars and trucks seem to speed by with only a glance. Shaniko was founded as a railroad terminus for all the central Oregon sheep ranches in 1898.

There are quite a few ghost towns in Oregon. Most are located closer to Baker in the eastern part of the state. Few are truly deserted. Even the tiny gold mining ‘town’ of Bourne, located 6 miles up a 4-wheel drive dirt road, has had some of the old shacks rebuilt as summer cabins for city get-aways.

If you’re in a mind to take a photo trip there, check out Robert Hitchman’s “Photograph America Newsletter”, Issue 80 – Oregon Backroads.

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