Congratulations, Jeeva!

I recently received a terrific email from a friend and student in our village in Sri Lanka. In it, Jeeva told me that she has completed her UN training and is being sent to the Sudan as a Peace Keeper, finally realizing a long held dream.
She was one of my English language students in 2007. While her work as a Tourist Police in Colombo meant she missed many classes, she would always come by the temple in the evenings and weekends to practice with me. She continued this during my visits in 2009 and 2010 as she was working hard to gain admittance to the Peace Keeping program.
Congratulations, Jeeva! Be safe.

(This is a photo of the popular class for the village ladies that was held each evening)

Note: I’ve just posted Chapter 7 of my Letters from Sri Lanka. You can view it here: John Roberts Photography

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