Dressing Ship


(click to enlarge)

These gentlemen are dressing ship (hanging signal flags in a specified order from the waterline at the bow to the waterline at the stern) in preparation for the Wooden Boat Festival. The boat’s name is interesting as it is a mix of Northwest native Chinook and Japanese. Most people know that maru (circle) is often appended to Japanese ship names. But unless you live in the Northwest you may not know Skookum. It’s a common word around here and can mean big, strong, hearty, good, etc. It can also mean spooky as in skookumchuck (turbulent water or rapids).

The mon, or circular emblem, is interesting as well. It incorporates a Haida design of a Blackfish (Orca) with a replica of the “Great Wave” on Hokusai’s Japanese woodblock print.

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