Autumn on the Tundra

Denali National Park
Denali National Park

Yes, it really looked that red in the subdued morning light.

Look at me! Aren't I grand?
Look at me! Aren’t I grand?

This is NOT a Reindeer. It is one of the thousands of Caribou in Denali. This one looked at us as if to challenge our presence.

Caribou that are captured and domesticated are then called Reindeer. The University of Alaska in Fairbanks runs the Reindeer Research Program in support of the many Reindeer ranchers on the Seward Peninsula.

WP D7K_6872-Edit-2Once he determined that we weren’t a threat, he turned his attention to this smaller male on the right.

There are over 2000 Caribou in the Park. They favor the open Tundra where they can escape the insects and find lichens to munch. Unlike moose, both male and female caribou grow antlers and shed them each year.

Below is a photo of my wife holding up a large pair of antlers on display at one of the visitor centers.


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