Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten


Weathered Beauty, Outlived Duty

Captured along US Route 2 near the abandoned town of Wheatridge, Washington. Because of the gathering darkness, this was a 5 exposure shot (1 stop increments from -2 to +2) and it began to snow  before I finished breaking down my tripod. There’s lots of interesting subjects in this part of the state.


There’s a scent that’s somehow lingered
through the years it’s stood alone
Little does it know its fingered
memories past…of hearth and home…

It’s to me an artist’s render
etched in lines of purest gold
bringing scenes so sweet and tender
pictures now…of days of old

It won’t don a lighted gallery
with its carpet royal-led
for it’s meant just for the country
and its fields of apple-red

But that weathered barn is beauty
to my eyes…each time I see
standing there, in outlived duty
that old friend that welcomes me

******* part of a poem by Nan Sexton

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