The Erhu Lady

lrexp-fiddle-Edit-2-20100911-2-EditThis lady was playing her Erhu on the curb in Lianfeng. We had just completed our cruise down the Li River through the fairytale-like landscape of limestone karst formations. I came across her while spending time in town waiting for our driver to take us back to Guilin.

The erhu can be traced back to instruments introduced into China more than a thousand years ago. It is believed to have evolved from the xiqin (奚 琴). The xiqin is believed to have originated from the Xi people of Central Asia, and have come to China in the 10th century.

The erhu consists of a long vertical stick-like neck, at the top of which are two large tuning pegs, and at the bottom is a small resonator body (sound box) which is covered withpython skin on the front (playing) end. Two strings are attached from the pegs to the base, and a small loop of string (qian jin) placed around the neck and strings acting as a nutpulls the strings towards the skin, holding a small wooden bridge in place. (Wiki)

YouTube presentation of Erhu recital

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