Between Heaven and Earth


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As I wandered down a country road
an old abandoned house I saw in the field
Around it, the grass was unmowed
and the feeling of emptiness was very real
The broken down eves and shutters
gave the apperance of a mortal frown
Around the eves the birds did flutter
and pealed paint lay on the ground
From the window you can feel the pain
A story it has to tell of the past
about the family that it kept from the rain
and how it had become a home at last
An abandoned house, what dose it matter
After all it’s just stone and rotten wood
It has no feelings,which makes it even sadder
Oh! the stories it would tell if it would
About a small boy that played by the door
or about a puppy that was buried on the hill
About the boy that marched off to war,
or how times got hard,when the father took ill
No, it’s not just stone and old wood
the old abandoned house out in the field
For I know the story of this house, I should
It was my parents house,and the love I still feel

— Anonymous

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