Just a thrift shop vase


I know it’s only January and April is still 3 months away but I’m already anxious for the Skagit Valley bulb fields to “spring forth”. I try to get up there at least once every year. I’ve already got a portfolio full of photos of daffodils and tulips but acres and acres of blooms are hard to resist. I usually bring some cut flowers home for my wife but before I gave her these, I ran them through my studio for awhile.

I sometimes prowl thrift shop aisles looking for studio props. Fortunately, I had just picked up this vase a couple of weeks before.

3 thoughts on “Just a thrift shop vase”

  1. This is a beautiful photo. Tulips and daffodils are one of my favourite flowers – a bit scarce here for some strange reason. I tried my hand at growing them once and didn’t do to badly – perhaps I will give it a go again next season. The problem is it is usually too late before I remember to get them going.

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