Fifty Shades of White

lrexp-dsc_9989-edit-edit-2-edit-20100310-2In Black & White photography, one of the challenges is to get all the shades of grey that are inherent in a particular image to display correctly. But, for me this is less of a problem than getting all the “shades of white” to stand out. It’s especially a problem in snow scenes and white flowers. These white orchids took a bit of time in Lightroom to come out the way I originally saw them with my naked eye.
And perhaps no color is so hard to be perceived as intended on multiple computer screens. In fact, every one looking at this right now is probably seeing it a little differently, even on calibrated monitors.
The following example shows the complexity in rendering and perceiving “white”. Some of us will see shades of red or blue in some of these samples.

My photo at the top of this post was taken in a large, high ceiling nursery. The staff there tolerated me dragging my tripod around the display tables, but they frowned on me moving plants around to suit my purposes. So a hand-held, off camera flash was my only option. And that at the lowest possible output that would  show the surface texture without totally blowing out the highlights.

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