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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

WP 01170014-EditEsala Perehera, 2003
Kandy, Sri Lanka

(click on photo at left to see in full resolution}

Sri Lanka Auntie on village path

WP DSC_4702-Edit-2This sweet woman always stopped by to welcome me on my visits to the village. Ever stately despite an obvious lack of worldly goods. On Puja days she would come to the temple accompanied by her two grand-daughters, all of them dressed from head to toe in pristine white saris.

When The Photographer Isn’t

We entered Glacier Bay early in the morning under heavy clouds. Add the motion of the ship and I was faced with several challenges that I wasn’t prepared for. A number of what I thought were interesting shots wound up looking pretty sad on the LCD screen. I kept shooting thinking that I might be able to make corrections in Lightroom but a good image proved to be elusive.

So I fell back on a technique I’ve used to make an uninteresting photo look a little more interesting by emulating an artistic painting look. I’ve posted some of these efforts in the past and have written about it in the following posts, linked¬†here¬†and here.

Other examples are here and here.

WP D7K_6546-Edit
Hanging glaciers caused by receding ice.
WP D7K_6580-Edit
A lone sailboat in the vastness.

In the two photos above I used the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop CS6, the BuzSim filter in Topaz Simplify 3, and Glamour Glow in NIK Color EFEX Pro 4.