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Waiting for a Bee

Let It shine
Let it shine
Let it shine
If there’s hope
In your heart
Then let it shine

— Randy Newman


DSC_0974-2I’ve been preoccupied for awhile and haven’t managed to maintain this site. I apologize and am re-embarking on it with all good intentions to stay current. Since returning from our Alaska cruise, we’ve been busy with new grandchildren and increased duties in a couple of our social communities. Anyway, here we go again.

One of the thing I’ve been playing with is what I’m calling Photo Art. It’s where I attempt to take a less than “good” photo and make it more interesting through manipulations Lightroom and Photoshop techniques and filters. Non-Adobe software includes NIK, Topaz and Photomatix.

The photo above is an example of what I’m talking about. This was created from a photo of a flower bed that I walked past at Whistler resort in British Columbia a few years ago.