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The Boatwright’s Shop


These places are good for the soul. There’s the comfort of holding well worn hand tools and the smells of sawn cedar and freshly applied varnish. And in the Winter, there’s a small wood burning stove for warmth.

This is not HDR.  The original OOC is here:

WP DSC_9366

It was shot in RAW and the exposure was metered on the spars hanging from the beams. Initial processing was in Lightroom for exposure balance and cropping. Then in Photoshop, 90% of the work was done with Nik Software’s ProContrast and TonalContrast.


Low Country Cornucopia

WP DSC_4498-Edit

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A vegetable stall in a village market near Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. The veggies shown here are the ones typically grown in the hot coastal areas with its poor soil. Lettuces, cabbages, corn, etc can only be grown in the mountainous region near Nuwara Eliya (where the tea plantations are) and are usually too expensive for the fisher-folk.