Letters from Sri Lanka

Since 2003, I have made 6 visits to Sri Lanka for periods of 4 to 6 weeks each. The 1st trip was to explore the ancient Buddhist sites and ruins where so much of the Theravada teachings were refined.
The succeeding trips began 4 weeks after the 2004 Tsunami and have all been associated with reconstructing and rehabilitating a small village on the west coast.
The 2 trips in 2005 were to assist in rebuilding several hundred homes in the village and to establish a free pre-school. In 2006, I taught basic English skills to help enable villagers to find employment in the tourist industry. In 2009 and 2010, we established a computer school and brought the internet to the village (for better or worse 😉 The details about all this will come out in ensuing chapters.
During the last 2 trips (2009 and 2010), I sent frequent email notes to friends and supporters who were interested in what I was doing. Some of the notes were poignant, some explanatory. Some were teasing but always written with love and admiration for the people in “my village”.
I had fortunately saved most of the emails. As I go through them I am making corrections to spelling and grammar but the stories are pretty much as I originally wrote them.
I’m not sure how frequently I will post them but there may be as many as 25 chapters. So if you find them interesting check back often.

Chapter 1 – 30 January 2009
Chapter 2 – 31 January 2009
Chapter 3 – 04 February 2009
Chapter 4 – 05 February 2009
Chapter 5 – The Beginning 
Chapter 6 – 08 February 2009
Chapter 7 – 15 February 2009
Chapter 8 – 17 February 2009
Chapter 9 – 18 February 2009
Chapter 10 – 19 February 2009

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