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Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Sunset

The light house was established in 1861. In 1890, Fort Casey was created on several hundred acres around the lighthouse. It’s battery of 10″ guns guarded the entrance of Puget Sound until the start of WWII when the development of aerial warfare rendered such installations obsolete. The guns were unmounted and shipped to the war front and installed on rail cars as mobile artillery. After the war, one of the guns was discovered in a scrap yard in Subic Bay, the Philippines. It was returned to Fort Casey where it is on display in it’s original gun pit.

The lighthouse was extinguished in 1922 and the fort was decommissioned in 1950. Both are now part of a terrific state park.

This view looks across Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend and the Olympic Mountains. Directly behind the trees is the Juan de Fuca Strait which separates Vancouver Island, B.C. and Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Slightly to the right of the trees and exactly a hundred miles out is the opening to the Pacific Ocean.

The only place to get this shot was from the middle of a thick bramble patch under some trees. After picking my way in, I stood there for half an hour waiting for the sunset to reflect off the front of the tower. I would have thought the tripod would have made it obvious but people kept coming up and asking me what I was doing in the bushes.

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