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Daffies Battle Clouds. Daffies Win!!

Looking at this photo again, I couldn’t help but think about an epic battle between two forces of nature and the newspaper headline that would describe it. This Skagit Valley field was in full bloom in April of last year. A few fays later, workers walked through the fields cutting off the heads so new energy would go into the bulb. As with the Tulips, the bulbs are the real harvest here. Only a small percentage of the harvest is for the florist trade in blooms and bouquets.

By the way, for all those that helped defeat SOPA/PIPA, give yourselves a big pat on the back. You can read a press release from Fight For The Future here.

Cabin Fever

We’ve been housebound for the last 3 days so I’ve been trying to think of something to brighten the mood. Then I remembered that I’d be going to the Skagit Valley bulb fields again in less than 3 months (OK, that’s still a fair ways off but I’m desperate). Anyway, I remembered that I still had about 600 RAW photos in Lightroom from my 2010 and 2011 trips. I first thought that some of them were questionable and only cherry-picked the best for previous postings.
After reviewing them again, I see that there are about 50 or so that could turn out pretty nice using some new tools and techniques that I picked up this past year. So until the snow and ice melt, I’m going to be working on these for a new gallery.
Until then I’ll just hope for a favorable outcome on Groundhog’s Day (which is only a couple of weeks away).

(This image is available for purchase)