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Devastation and Regeneration

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Mt. St. Helens, WA

When Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, we were living 50 miles south in Portland, OR and received quite a bit of fallout from the ash clouds. The top 1300 ft was blown off leaving a crater measuring 1 mile across. When viewed in X2, you can see the dome rebuilding itself in the center of the crater.
I’ve made several trips to the mountain since then. This photo was taken from Johnston Ridge, about 5 miles from the crater. It was an exceptionally clear day in July 2006. And the sun was such that there were few shadows. Processing was mostly in LR3.

Sunrise in Icy Strait, Alaska

Have had a busy Summer and haven’t posted in a while. Thank you to all who’ve continued to view and comment. We’ve just returned from an Alaska cruise and visit to Denali National Park. I’ll try to post some photos and commentary over the next few weeks.

Icy Strait, Alaska
Icy Strait, Alaska

For starters, here’s a photo that I like. This was taken about 0530 as we turned north into Icy Strait.¬†We left Skagway about 2200 on our way to Glacier Bay National Park. I was up early (didn’t want to miss anything ūüôā ). Unfortunately, we woke to heavy skies but they had lifted a bit by the time we entered the Park.

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Lenticulars over Mt. Shasta

Lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally aligned perpendicular to the wind direction. These have formed on top of 14,179 feet Mt. Shasta at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California.