Tulips and Vase

I sometimes browse around the Goodwill store looking for odds and ends that might be inspirational and useful in staging my “studio” shots.
I picked this vase up awhile ago. On my last trip to the Skagit Valley bulb fields, I found some tulips that I thought might look good with the vase.
Ergo …

Follow the Light

The best tip I ever received for creating photographs vs snapshots: ‘Follow the light’

From the time we picked up our first camera we grasped the importance of light in making images. It may well be the single most important element in photography.

But sometimes we concentrate so much on the ‘proper’ exposure of the subject that we overlook the power of light to transform a mundane or clichéd scene into something much more fascinating.

Following the light can sometimes mean getting up at oh dark thirty and stumbling around in the cold black of morning so that you’re ready when the sun does come up. I find that I can keep some detail in light beams by underexposing the main body of the scene.

I’ve posted several other examples over at:

All of the examples were photographed with ambient lighting. No batteries or strobes were harmed in the process 🙂